What Ashtanga …


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A few weeks ago, I received this question from a drop-in student in my class.. I was quite surprised with his question, but I did answer him with an answer which was over his head…  “Eight limbs path in English” and I started to ramble on about the 8 limbs.. Looking back, I could have just gave him a simple answer, but then he didn’t return the following week until now…

Anyway, I read an article recently in elephant journal about Ashtanga yoga… What I take from reading this article…

> It’s a moving meditation
> emphasis on ujjaji breathing
> no fancy arm balances at the beginning of practice
> repetitive
    > encourage non-attachment to your  practice
    > bring out the best in you emotionally in poses that looks easy but difficult to get into..

Then I read another article which sort off like an irony to life.. Ashtanga yoga and its practitioner are like marriage.. Let us look and ponder here..  Just like marriage, love and hate relationship we have for each other but there’s moment in that marriage, you feel so blissful when you surprised yourself with  one difficult posture you’ve been working on and finally you get it..

There are a lot we can learnt from Ashtanga Yoga if we start with an open mind… Be patience, practice and all is coming, and the journey is what matter the most, the goals are just icing on the cake..

~ namaste ~